Does anyone know anything about polo in Mallorca? Understand that there is a Polo Masters to be held from 26th to 28th September 2008 at El Toro, Calvia but no details available in regard to teams ... Also heard that the new Hilton Hotel opening in Sa Torre, Llucmajor at end of May will be starting up a polo club? Any more news, interested players, please contact me.

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Dear Sandra,
I happy to inform you that Mallorca officially has a polo club.
The "Club de Polo de Mallorca y Baleares" was recently founded and we are in development of several full size fields. If you wish to have more information you can contact me directly at:
David Jones
Vice President
Club de Polo de Mallorca y Baleares
Dear David Jones,
am I silly or what happen with your website ?
No direccion of your club, nothing. Anyone in Mallorca here who has visited this club?
I think the most serious person in this discussion is maybe David Bellamy.
As I know your club still isn`t inscribed in the national association, so first do the right thinks than tell all of us, so after several desasters in your place you should show more, that people could trust you.
I really hope you can do this in the future. Waiting on your invitation to play! Fairplay
Yeah.. so much for "Fairplay" ;-)

Dearest Sandra, I understand that you must also be one of the Mallorca Insiders that pretty much know all details of the "disasters" mentioned by you. Here's to satisfy your wisdom: our club and our affiliations are not associated with the German organizers that have tried, or maybe still are trying to host a polo tournament on Mallorca.

Unlike most in the past we chose not to "do the talk, without walking the walk". We chose to carefully develop a concept that also suits the interests of the Balearic government and would attract their attention to support us.

The Mallorca Insider you are, I am sure you know that it takes quite some effort and patience to establish "Sports Organization" on the islands. Also you must live through many different stages of development before being able sit in your club house or set foot on your field.

To make this more clear to you and as mentioned in my last message: the club was "recently" founded (German: kuerzlich gegruendet), please do not confuse with "Opened" (German: Eroeffnet).. because we're not open yet.

Fact is, the club has been founded and registered within the local Government. Indeed are we in contact and have the support of the RFEP (Spanish Federation..), although not yet officially signed in their listing, but will be our next step.

To make this short now: we are in development of our club-house and several full size fields and we plan to open for business by spring 2009 - "That is when we will have our official Grand Opening".. most likely with a party.

Sandra, we will buy you a ticket to come and visit us and to convince you that "there is a polo club on Mallorca". You have my honorable word.

I had offered you more details if you would have contacted me directly, but you chose this way and I understand - it it is easier point fingers this way. I can only hope that the rest of the polo community is more open to new "developments" of our sport.

However.. there is a lot more to know about the future of polo on the Balearic Islands and the ideas of the Club de Polo de Mallorca y Balears, which are not yet to be discussed publicly - but, should you really be interested.. I would love to help you out and quench your thirst. So, once again my contacts for you: and my personal number +34 650 767 126.

BTW, David Bellamy really is a nice guy.. we also had the pleasure of talking to him and soon will welcome his wife here. Just too bad he can't be here as well and we wish him all the best for his project in India and safe travels.

Looking forward to hear from you.

David Jones
Dear David,

working together with the RFEP is the right way. I still asked them if there is a club and they denied. Now I understand, your still in doing it. I really wish you the very best for your efforts, but I recommend you, because of the bad history in your place, wait a little more before public, and than when there is something going on, do it, so everyone will be really impressed! Stay quite as you mentioned "However.. there is a lot more to know about the future of polo on the Balearic Islands and the ideas of the Club de Polo de Mallorca y Balears, which are not yet to be discussed publicly".

Be sure I`ll contact you, because it`s a really interesting place.
Wish you good luck
We are planning a polo club in Mallorca. We already have the finca and we have spoken with the goverment. They preciate and will support a polo club. We are looking for interested people and investors. Just contact me:
pls send us more information at

kindest regards,


Hola Kay Bäätjer,

my name is Julia Wilken. I am here with my husband and we are planning to settle here in Mallorca.My education is physiotherapie and I worked in this field for 15 years, but it is time to work with horses again in the nature.

Is the club in Mallorca still existing? I heard from a friend that there is one. Are you living here in Mallorca ?

Could you give me some information of the club and a person I could contact about work.

It would really help me. I am here in Mallorca right now, so you could call me 618061700.

I would really appreciate.

Thanks Julia Wilken

Dear David,

these are the news regarding a mallorquin Polo Club: project in pipeline; country estate found; mallorquin authorities positiv; project downsized to the basic issues: Polo Club, restaurant plus 6 luxury guests suites; no hotel, villas or flats.
The Hilton Hotel, you mentioned, belongs to the company DRAC, which are in "quiebra tecnica" and the plot size of the hotel complex does have a total of 55.000 sqm: No money, no space for Polo! Plus: In Spain you do have to change the classification of the plot from "rustic" to "general public interest" before demanding a Polo Club Licence.

We would be honored to meet you here to discuss yours and our ideas!

See you soon or minimum hear from you:-)) Cai
Dear Cai,
It was good to talk with you yesterday concerning the development of an exclusive polo club on the island. Like you, We are fully aware of the planning consent issues from local government, mallorquin council and town halls. We apreciate and understand your comments regarding the commercial possibilities on the country estate that you´ve previously mentioned. As discussed, our clients have genuine interest and are currently working on a project and its business plan. Feed back will be received soon. I am back on the island tomorrow and look forward to meeting you soon. Hopefully prior to my next departure.
Our clients would like to thank you for all the professional services that you have provided up until now.
All the best, D
Dear Deane,

many thanks for your personal words. I feel honored to meet up with you and your clients to discuss all the internal circumstances of our project and am 100 % sure, that the project members will be accepted by you as they have spend much work to fullfill a perfect job.

We are proud to "got" you through Polo Contacts Worldwide !

Thousand thanks, Cai

Hello David, How are you? I hope you are fine,Can you help me? I'm a horse lover, I live in the municipality of Calvia (Mallorca, Spain). I would like to try to make a polo field in the municipality of Calvia, and living a lot of foreigners and I think that is an area where you could build, I'm looking for potential investors to do a project together for submission to the council, I think is a unique opportunity for this county, my idea would you build a good polo field, restaurant, stables, training area, in a few years can build a hotel not too big, etc ...... If you know people interested in becoming a financial partner to realize a dream, I would appreciate an email or send me msg. Thanks and best regards Fernando

Hello Fernando,

Good to learn of your interest in establishing something on the island.  It's a bit of a long story but in essence there is still no polo club but there is a lot of interest and I'm sure we could find the money when all the other parts are in place.  I shall be in Mallorca in a month or so but in the meantime if you would like to call for a chat please do so on my French mobile number or at the house on +33 603795158 or +33549980447

Kind regards,





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