Does anyone know anything about polo in Mallorca? Understand that there is a Polo Masters to be held from 26th to 28th September 2008 at El Toro, Calvia but no details available in regard to teams ... Also heard that the new Hilton Hotel opening in Sa Torre, Llucmajor at end of May will be starting up a polo club? Any more news, interested players, please contact me.

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Hi Louisa, try this site but I think this is a one-off event not a club? Do you come to Mallorca often? perhaps we should start a club ...
Hey David.
The web address is a company, not a club. Just to fill you in..... many (including me) have dreamed/tried to start up Polo and a regular club in Mallorca for a long time. Many have failed due to the Greens and because of the islands big water problem. This has hindered many enthusiasts as water is nr1 priority for a good field. The same goes for new Golf Clubs...they face the same problem... A few friends of mine have already fields, club houses and stables there but are using them solely privately. As far as I know there are 2 tournamnets planned this year (on paper!). If both materialise I do not know.
I willl try and find out!
Hi, good to make contact and thanks for the information. I am new to the island, thinking of having a home here as my daughter has married a Mallorquin, polo is very important to me, currently keep my horses at Aix Pertuis in S.France. Assume you come here often? Can I play at the private clubs?
Glad I could help a bit. However, even though I would not rule out the possibility, I would probably not get too enthusiastic about a Club in Mallorca. Even though it definitely belongs there!! Unfo I have not been a lot there lately, mainly due to Polo during the summer. I have spent my last years mostly at Sotogrande. When I meant private "clubs", I didn't mean clubs but rather a house owner with a field and horses. So it is very difficult to play at these places as they do not have any horses for rent, but also a lack in players. I will find out and keep you posted.
Dear David, yes there is a tournament planned at exactly the time , you mentioned in Calvia / Mallorca.
Everything is - as I heard - signed and organized. Two friends of mine, Alex Schwarz and Thomas STrunck did the whole thing - they are just now organizing an amazing beach tournament at the baltic sea in GErmany.
You can get all information about that at
Best regards
Dear Inge, Thank you for that. Can you put me in touch with Alex Schwarz and/or Thomas STrunck? My e-mail is and mobile +33 6 03 79 51 58 Thank you. Kindest regards, David.
Hi Louisa, yes certainly ... I'm also interested in doing something. Are you still in Mallorca? I am here until Friday morning, bit tied up today but perhaps we could speak? My number is above or my daughter Romy's number is 971131383. Kindest, David
hi louisa,
today i got the link of this homepage. we´re the organizer of the mallorca polo event.if you need further information, please contact and have a look at our latest event

Hi Thomas,
what`s happen with the tournament in Mallorca?
The website is "relaunch soon" and nothing to hear about it.
Here there are so many people interested in Polo in Mallorca, and others pronouncing a new club, who believes?
Why no commentations here in this forum?
Great, look forward to speaking soon.
Hi Louisa, spoke to your father on Friday. He was to send me his email mine is
Dear Niki,

Sorry to have missed the chance of meeting you this last trip. We left the island on Friday. I think I have all the contact details now for the Polo Masters in September. I am not sure of my plans, most likely I will be in Dubai, but if not I will certainly come and meet everyone.

I think it is a great idea and I am sure it will be a great success, can't think why it has not been done before ... I have played in the Polo Masters in St Tropez several times. I imagine what you are doing is similar?

What I was thinking was the feasibility of a full-time polo club on the island. I think the club would need to own its own horses, for rent, but it could start in a modest way depending on the number of interested players who could be counted on to play on a regular basis, both resident on the island and visitors on holiday. I did a business plan for a similar club in France, provided there is sufficient interest we could get something going for a very modest investment. What do you think? Any comments?

Kind regards,





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