i need to ask a very stupid question. what's the meaning of the level of a polo race? does that mean the sum of the handicaps? eg. the 24th cartier polo world cup on snow. the level is 22.

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The 24th means the years they have been playing that tournament...24 years...24th...
It also means the number of beers each player has to drink per game in order to qualify to play in the final....I think!
Haha.. Damned. Now i know why i got to finals so easily.. ;) and by the way.. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers..;)
KR Ced
I'm only new at learning the ropes (or sticks) of polo, but I thought that if the level is 22, this means it is the total amount of each players handicap. eg. one players handicap is 6, 2nd player is 7,
3rd player is 4, 4th player is 5 which in total equals 22 Goal Handicap Tournament?
So yes it would be the sum of the handicaps, if this is correct, however I'm sure someone will correct me if I've also misunderstood.
thank you, Gabby. hey, Edgar and Maxwell, i am serious.
It's a pleasure Riva, happy to help, thanks Patrick for clarifying too:) x
It's not a race, it's a game...And as Gabby explained to you correctly, it's the sum of the individual player's hcp/team...for ex. team A has a nr1 rated 3 goals, a nr2 rated 6 goals, nr3 rated 7 and a nr4 rated 6 goals .... total is then 22 goals, which will be the level of the game/tournament.




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