hello all,

i think it would be a good idea to add job offers here from around the world related to Polo, it is very hard to find good people in polo circle, and i am sure there are people who are looking for something. I soon will start looking for example for people, it would be good idea to create a different button maybe?? jobs??? i will leave it with Hugh to decide.. but please also feel free to comment on this question.


Dennis V.

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Im will send you my cv in private .i come for Fsmily polo and i do have good experience around the Worl in polo.Regards.Juan


I have attached my CV in case you may have a suitable position.

Kind regards

Andrew Gebbie

I have send you an e mail

Dear Polofriends all over the world,

the Berliner Polo Club from 1906 is searching for a new club trainer. The job will include mainely training horses and  our beginners, organizing club chukkers and tournaments. Secondly going to tournaments with our club members. Job will start in the middle of April and lasts until End of September.

If anybody is interested or knows somebody, who might be qualified,  I easily will send a more detailed job profile.

Best regards

Dr. Inge Schwenger


Im bee very interesting i do have a very good knolege and experience i do came for polo Family and i being in Polo for more than 25 Years..My email..juanignaciocaset@gmail.com.From Argentina my cel 005492227554755

Dear Inge,


Please let me know if the job is still available, I know someone perfect, he is 3 goals and has experience working for the Singapore polo club.

Many thanks,


Hi I'm Luis Lagomarsino, horse breeder, pilot and player in Argentina. Make my own horses for sale, always open to work abroad if the job is interesting. Please contact me thru fb. Thanks!




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