Dear Polo Lover,

This years high season (mid october until mid december), we offer the polo clinics including tickets to the high goal tournaments. Play what you like during the week, then see how the pro's do it at Tortugas, Hurlingham or Palermo.

and... Enjoy the party afterwards!

While you stay at our club, you can play chukkers all day, every day... Stick & ball to fine tune your skills, or get a lesson from one of our excellent teachers.

The Triple Corona Tournaments dates this year are:

Tortugas 23 september - 12 october
Hurlingham 14 october - 2 november
Palermo 15 november - 6 december

You'd want to take these dates into account when planning your trip!

Paul Polo

Ruta 28, km 7,5 Paraje Ellerstina, PILAR
Tel.: (+549) 11 3284 1668

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