FEM Pololympics II was held in Buenos Aires on Sunday December 8th, 2013. International women polo players living in Buenos Aires area, or visiting for the Palermo Open Finals from various countries, teamed up according to their different nationalities. Nations competed against one another for the honor of winning the 1st Nelson Mandela Polo 4 Peace Cup, named in tribute to the visionary champion of Peace Nelson Mandela who made us all winners, may he rest in peace.
 Argentina's team was 1. Maria Laura Calderoli, 2.Mercedes Prario, 3.Guadalupe Strada , 4. Maru Gimenez (c). Their challenger was the USA represented by 1.Paige Beard, 2.Sheryl Sick, 3.Courtney Asdourian, 4. KC Beal Krueger (c). This USA women's polo team was officially sponsored by the USPA in order to compete in the international matches of FEM Pololympics.  In a very well played, close match, at CHM San Jorge, on a perfect spring afternoon, the Argentinas were victorious by a score of 6-5 over the USA. The MVP award went to Maru Gimenez.. Argentina, specifically their captain Maru Gimenez, gained stewardship of the Nelson Mandela Polo 4 Peace Cup, and the home turf during 2014 will remain in Argentina.
The second tier match was awarded to the Netherlands team with 1.Anita, 2.Emily Hordijk, 3.Brenda Myrjam de Boer and 4.Stephanie Haverhals, by default from opponent's no show.
Supporters of Peace, the sport of women's polo, the United States of America, Argentina and Nelson Mandela joined Poloconsult and iguanaPolo organizers, Alexis Ruffat and Claudia Hodari, to enjoy international women's polo. Invictus creator, and a huge Nelson Mandela fanatic, Tomi Bertotto of Ushuaia was an unexpected surprise guest, along with his son Peter. "King Sowee" Saneo and "Kobi" Amaning, both players at the  Accra Polo Club in Ghana, came in tribute to Nelson Mandela. Cnl. Carlos Castignani, Assistant Director of Remonta & Veterinaria as well as an acting counselor to AAP, proved his support to the sport of women's polo by hosting FEM Pololympics at Club Hipico Militar San Jorge. 
Nelson Mandela's  belief that  "Sport has the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else can…sport can create hope… it is an instrument for Peace" has been the Polo 4 Peace initiative's mission statement since conception in 2008.
The Nelson Mandela Polo 4 Peace Cup's beautiful trophy was donated, currently being commissioned, and destined for perpetual international women's polo competition. Any country has the right to challenge the defending country, Argentina in 2013, that holds the Nelson Mandela Polo 4 Peace Cup to a match. If the challenging country wins the match, it gains stewardship of the cup, and the home turf for future challenges.
Pololympics I rooster featured the very best women polo players from both England and Argentina. The English team consisted of Nina Vestey, Emma Tomlinson, Lucy Taylor and Aurora Eastwood. The match was to be played on 11/29/08 in Pilar against Argentina's Mumy Bellande, Marianela Castagnola, Maru Giménez and Paola Martinez. 
Unfortunately, this historic international women's polo match was rained out, however, Pololympics style events are an important step forward in the sport of woman's polo towards the goal of a' true' International Women Polo Open consisting of a nation's top players competing against other nation's best all female polo team. When the international spotlight is caste on the sport of women's polo it will inspire young girls of the future towards polo world wide. 


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