Hey guys,
I'm 17 and will shortly be doing my gap year. I intend to spend at least a month in Argentina, hopefully to dramatically improve my game. I groom too, so I'd be happy to work. Most of the places are around £5000 give or take a few hundred pounds for a month. I have however found an organisation called 'The Leap' at a stable called La Asuncion, about 1h 20 from Buenos Aires. they do 10 weeks for about the same price.

So I'm asking two things:
1. I was just wondering where have you guys been in Argentina for this sort of thing, and your opinions.
2. Do you think this 10 week trip to 'The Leap' be as beneficial as a month at a clinic?

Either way, i'm greatly looking forward to going out there, meeting new people and playing everyday!
Any help or views would be great!

p.s. I'm new here and I'd like to thank everyone for giving me such a warm welcome! I've never seen everyone be so friendly on a website before. Feel free to add me as I want to get a feel of polo from all sides of the world!

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Dear Dan,

Everything depends on how much time you have. For sure one (it seems expensive) week intensiv polo clinic will bring your polo an enormous impuls. People whereever you go will be always doing everything for your needs to improve your polo. Polo clinics are mostly very individuel and the schools in Argentina have to maintaine all the instalation the whole year for a short season. For good standards, enough horses in upper level... that's why the prices have to be like they are.

But then there are a lot of country polo posibilities. Not so much horses or players that they can confirm you polo every day. People have to work during the week and come to play clubchukkers the weekend. This are places maybe not so interesting for the tourists with less time. Living in an argentine farm for a longer time will teach you a lot of other things about how to care and to train poloponies well, lifestyle, or simply to improve your spanish. It's absolutly different to europe or england. It's another wonderful world! An unbelievable experience!

When I would have the time to spend 10 weeks in Argentina I would do this.

And who has the better holidays staying in a 5 star hotel or in a 2 star hotel. It also depends what you are able and willing to suport.

Wish you a good time in argentina whereever you go.
Dear Dan
As any holiday what you pay is mostly what you receive. In polo you have to be very carefull where you're going and the time of the year you'll be visiting Argentina.
August is not a good time as polo didn't start. If I were to advise you, try to go end of october on.
Have a look at www.lamariposapolo.com.ar
Hi Dan, if you have the time to check our photos perhaps you can join us to play during the polo season (in August you can play polo or have polo lessons), we can provide you with accomodation, horses, helmet and sticks.
I´m offering our service of Polo Clinic, polo service, stick and ball, polo lesson, etc.
Sorry if i wasn´t clear.
Please note, the Dan above is not the same person as the top starter! Look at the names!
La Mariposa is one of the largest Polo Schools in Argentina. We're offering you our service to learn to play polo in Argentina.
Email me to mfdarritchon@fibertel.com.ar
Hi Mariano!
I have played for a few years, then quit for 12 yrs and want to start again. Need beginner but good lessons. What sort of rates inclusive of boarding & lodging are we talking about? Pls advise.
Abid Tarin
Hi Dan, I and my couple have a polo holiday and clinic in a lovely city called Mar del Plata by the sea, there is a lot of beginners and we are in a relax club where we practic every day. We are open all the year and there is many activities to do. Please check at www.lariendapolo.com we can make and special price for a couple of weeks.
Please ask me want you want to know to larienda_rcoria@hotmail.com

Dan must it be Argentina?? Look at Witchwood Polo Link below in New Zealand. Quality polo, fabulous people & ponies. The whole experience would be exactly what I imagine you are looking for AND (the best bit) at a fraction of the price!!
Hi Dan,

if you want an intensive polo clinic at a polo club including accommodation, food and beverage, plus depending on the time of yr opportunity to watch tournaments and meet polo players of all levels check out website: www.poloinfinity.com. Professional organization.
The focus is on polo!
> hi this is what we offer,we already have two boys here on gap year.am English and know what its like to find the right place to go.good luck.john
> ===================
> Polo Trips in Pilar, Argentina with ex-8 goal polo player Santiago
> Gaztambide.
> Let us organise your polo in Pilar, the centre of polo in Argentina. From
> beginners to advanced, come and improve your skills with Santiago and his
> team. Enjoy an extended trip with accommodation, horses and polo to suit
> you. You could have your own polo string and play 6 chukkas 4 times a week
> or play in tournaments. We will customise the trip to your requirements.
> These trips would also suit players looking to buy new horses. We can
> arrange for you to try from among the best polo ponies available in
> Argentina within your price range.
> For young players wishing to learn more about polo and maintaining a polo
> string to a high standard, more intensive working trips can be arranged. You
> can expect to work hard and have fun!
> Contact John Fisher on +44 7960 879 501 (English season) or
> john@fisherpolo.co.uk to discuss your requirements and arrange an itinerary
> tailored to your needs.
Hi Dan! I am looking to go with The Leap next year too!! I spoke to someone who went with The Leap a couple of years ago and she has no complaints so I can't imagine it being too bad. I reckon the price is much more reasonable cause you have to help out at the farm. Sorry if my comment isn't all that useful.. Good luck finding a suitable arrangement!




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