I am selling my Polo Stucks. I have about 20 Sticks, i wanna selk them in a pack. for Polo school for example. Some are almost unused.

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Hi, please can you confirm your location? Are the mallets still available? Are you able to sell some individually? Do you have 53s? Where are the sticks from originally?

hello, sticks still available. in south spain, next to sotogrande.

53, yes.

I live in the UK. Not sure how I will be able to get the sticks from Spain. 

best you come and spend a weekend play with us and take them home with you!

or i can ask for shipping costs...


Thanks for your response. I think on a separate note, I might come and play to improve m,y skills with you but that will be some time later in the year or next year. Please can you give details of your polo club and address so that I can investigate the possibilities of coming?

Also, please can you check for shipping cost? If it's okay, I'll like to buy a few not all. Where are the mallets made from? Are they grade A or B or any other grade? 

I would like a 52 and 2 53s. Are you selling foot mallets as well? 

Thank you

Still waiting for your e-mail response. My e-mail address is jydmon@gmail.com just in case you would like to send me some pictures of the Mallets. Thank you

Hello I am interested, my dad lives in Spain, near Murcia maybe they can be sent there. I would like 8 if possible.

Is there any way of getting these into a box??

Thank you , June 




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