Close Protection // VIP & safety drivers.


Close Protection // VIP & safety drivers.

IDBS-Sécurité, Michael S. accumulates 28 professional experience years in the security area and more than 2'000'000 miles as driver without accident with military and civilian - VL (Limousine, including the 7.5 and 9.5 m Lincoln, armored and other VL), - PL , - SPL, - Motorbikes. Of German origin and retired military with sixteen and a half services years and since thirteen years as professional in the security, - usher, - personal assistant, - bodyguard, - VIP & safety driver in Switzerland and Europe.

- Private detective in Switzerland


Feel free to contact me by e-mail,, to get our offers for all your needs of our services.

- In an international context strongly destabilized by insecurity and the multiplication of risks and crises, conflicts of the political and economical interests, of the behaviours more and more offensives and deadly.

- Protect and guarantee the physical integrity of individuals, their families and critical infrastructure, is now at the heart of politics in general.

- The protection of people and goods is no longer a luxury but a necessity these days !

Specialized in risk management in Switzerland, in Europe and abroad, IDBS-Sécurité provides professional security solutions, close protection, VIP & sacurity drivers (armed or not) with or without limousines.

We escort our customers around the world also at any moment in their private and professional life,

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Close Protection, VIP & safety drivers (armed or not) with Limousines

IDBS-Sécurité is the result of more of 16 years military experience (Foreign Legion), adapted since 2001 in the private security.

A knowledge to do “savoir faire" professionals in the security domain, close protection, VIP & safety driver (armed or not) with limousines, join together several tens years of experience and military specialties in Switzerland and Europe.
Private detective in Switzerland.

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Commentaire de Michael Staudinger le 3 juillet 2015 à 1:38

Pour la sécurité lors de vos séjours en Suisse et/ou en Europe, notre équipe de deux agents motocyclistes (armé en Suisse) vous accompagnera tout au long de vos déplacements !


Ils travaillent en étroite collaboration avec vous ainsi qu'avec le chef d'équipe APR, uniquement !


C'est de même pour notre équipe cynophile !

Commentaire de Michael Staudinger le 3 juillet 2015 à 1:35

For the safety during your stay in Switzerland and / or Europe, our team of two motorcyclists agents (armed in Switzerland) will accompany you throughout your displacements.


They work closely with you and the CPO team leader, only !


It's the same for our dog team!

Commentaire de Michael Staudinger le 1 novembre 2014 à 22:22

For business providers and/or commercial !


To develop on Geneva and its surroundings, Switzerland in general and France, I am looking for business providers and / or commercial commissioned, having good relationships and contacts that can provide medium and long terms mandates.


Quality service proposed !


 Targeted benefits :


- Sites Guarding (construction sites, industries, private property),

- Surveillance (luxury stores and boutiques, armed or not),

- Nightclubs security (pubs, discos, cabarets),

- Events safety (festivals, concerts, private parties),

- Close Protection,

- VIP or security driver (armed or not),

- Auctions (armed or not),

- Usher,

- Personal Assistant,

- Private detective


Under the base of honest commissions, or even permanent partnership (association) so capable and powerful !

You can leave me a message with your address and phone number here.

Commentaire de Michael Staudinger le 14 octobre 2013 à 22:06

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are subject to aggression, kidnappings and/or other threats in Switzerland and Europe and you need professional solutions ?

Being a former military (16 ½ years of service) with over 11 experience years in the following areas :

- Private Security,

- Close Protection,

- Armed VIP & Security driver,

- Private Investigator,

I am able to provide you real solutions so that you can live your life in peace.

- Feel free to send me your enquiries by email to :, describing your problem as well as your exact needs.

Commentaire de Michael Staudinger le 14 avril 2013 à 23:15

Dear all,

Feel free to contact us for all you security, VIP & security drivers with or without limousines needs in Switzerland and Europe :


Chemin du Repos 6

CP 645

1213 Petit-Lancy 1 / Geneva

Phone : +41 22/792.68.69      

Fax     : +41 22/793.00.38

Web   :

Email  : info@idbs-securite-ch

Best Regards


Commentaire de Michael Staudinger le 23 janvier 2013 à 12:05

The discretion, rapidity, punctuality, effectiveness, competences, our network of professional agents, are words keys that differentiate us.

Commentaire de Michael Staudinger le 23 janvier 2013 à 12:04
Commentaire de Michael Staudinger le 23 janvier 2013 à 12:04

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