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International Polo Club Palm Beach Launches High Goal Winter Season - January 2014


International Polo Club Palm Beach Launches Winter Season - 2014

The International Polo Club Palm Beach is the premier polo destination in the world, hosting the largest field of high-goal teams and the most prestigious…


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Viareggio Beach Polo Oct. 5- 7 player needed HCP 1

We are looking to replace a player with HCP 1 for the beach polo in Viareggio (Tuscany, Italy) between Oct. 5 - 7. Please let me know if you are interested, reply to thomas@wolfensberger.com

Added by Thomas Wolfensberger on August 23, 2012 at 11:21 — 4 Comments

Women in Polo UK

Women In Polo (WIP) is a recently formed charity aiming to promote opportunities in polo for females who want to play and/or work in the sport.  WIP has been started by two mums, Sarah Wood and Nikki Jacob, of polo playing daughters who have experienced first- hand how hard it is for girls to get decent opportunities in the sport without it costing a fortune.   

‘Georgie got her first taste of polo in the Pony Club’ says Sarah, ‘.... and was hooked.  However, even though the Pony Club…


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Argentinian (amateur) players in either London or Washington DC

All -

I would like to get in touch with fellow Argentinian (amateur) players in either London or Washington to set up Chukkers and play during the season. I'm also happy to organise gatherings etc; as a space where we can speak our own language and feel like at home.

Please feel free to contact me directly.



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26 Goal Tournament in Palm Beach, FL.

26 Goal US Open Polo: Audi vs. La Ensenada

Wed, April 11, 2pm – 4pm

International Polo Club Palm Beach, Wellington Fl 33414 (map)

Audi vs. La Ensenada in the 108th 26 goal USPA US Open Polo Championships sponsored by Nespresso.

The Nespresso US Open games are played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Fl and is the final high goal polo tournament of the winter high goal polo season. The US Open Polo Championship is the highest rated polo…


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Gaucho International Polo - March 21st 2012

I was fortunate recently to pay a return visit to the thoroughly exciting HPA Gaucho International Polo Tournament that took place at London's O2 Arena on 21st March.  England were led to victory via penalties by Captain Jamie Morrison and his team. In this photo, as commentator Louisa Dawnay commented on my photograph on another site "Nacho is going to goal and Jamie is 'riding him off the line of the ball'... a legitimate play and Jamie was…


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Are you sure your groom or pro meets the correct legal requirements?

Are you sure your groom meets the correct legal requirements?

Following on from the Winter Newsletter sent out by the HPA detailing information regarding work permits for grooms, it should be made known that the HPA will be taking a strict view on players and grooms working without the correct legal requirements.



Added by Sandra Funk on March 3, 2012 at 9:30 — 1 Comment

The Maharani of Jaipur, Last Link with Indian Polo's Golden Age

In mid-2010 the Hurlingham Polo Association held a thanksgiving service at St Michael and All Angels Church, Sunninghill, in memory of Gayatri Devi, (1919-2009), better known as Ayesha, following her death in July last year.

Through her husband Man Singh, Maharaja of Jaipur (1912-70) but known simply as "Jai,"…


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Creation of The Euromed Polo Team

In Marseille, south of France, the students of Euromed Management School created a remarkable project. They decided to create a universitarian polo team including scholarship students who could not have had the possibility to play polo without EUROMED POLO TEAM.

Florence Clerc and Pierre Merigot de…


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Argentina Facts - Don't forget to ask me the Camino Real Polo & Country Club

Argentina Facts: If you have any questions please contact Contact kirk@sigillum.co.uk

There are many misconceptions regarding Argentina and my job here isn’t really to dispel all of them or to enter into a political debate. Argentina is seriously underestimated as a country, an economy, a culture and a place to visit.

Given what is happening in the rest of the developed world the attention, along with foreign investment, continues to divert…


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The Amazones of Ladies Polo

If women already used to play polo in China under the Tang dinasty (IIIrd century), the high goals competitions specialy dedicated to them have been developped less than 10 years ago.

Thus, in may and june 2010, was held the first LADIES POLO TOUR in south and central America (Argentina, Brazil etc.). POLOCONSULT has also been an important support to the femnin polo in Argentina since it originated the first feminin polo open being part of the official season of the ARGENTINIAN…


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A Polo Player's impression of Anantara King's Cup Elephant Polo

A Polo Player’s impression of Anantara King’s Cup Elephant Polo in Thailand


From 5-11 September 2011, the Anantara King’s Cup Elephant Polo took place for the 10th time in Thailand.


A diverse selection of interesting individuals from all over the world gathered in Hua Hin, Thailand for a fun event with a serious purpose.  The tournament brings together players ranging from hoteliers, serving British Army officers, investors, an ex-fighter pilot,…


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Fluid Replacement & Hydration for Polo Players

Polo Players can lose between 1,5- 2,5 litres of sweat during an intense 6 chukka game, particularly in hot and humid conditions. This amount of fluid loss will certainly have a negative effect on their performance.

Ideally to counteract dehydration, the players should consume 200-400 ml (7-14 oz) of cold water or a suitable carbohydrate solution 5 to 10 minutes prior to the start of their game or training. During the intervals, they should try to drink another 300-500 ml (10-17oz) of…


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Physical Training for Polo

Years ago I heard a lot of polo players said that they don’t need to train, that it is all about being born in a country side family and spend as much time as possible on the horse. They used to think that a fitness training program for polo is something weird. But if you check on the last ten Palermo Argentinean Polo Open you will realize that more and more every player take his Personal Trainer with them. Why?…


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Polo : The Nomadic Tribe

A s someone in thrall to polo all my life, starting with my forebears to playing the game in my youth to twenty years as a polo historian and journalist, let me say at once: Polo: The Nomadic Tribe, (hereafter Nomadic Tribe) stands a tangent to every other polo book to come my way.



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I am in search of...

I am in search of polo ponies that are no longer needed and retired from polo. I believe that polo ponies are the best lesson horses and children's horses because polo ponies have been there and done that type of horse. I need several for EAP/EAL (equine assisted psycho-therapy/equine assisted learning. EAP and EAL are programs to help adult and children through challenges and learn how to cope with difficulties in life with the use of horses. 

I commend all you polo pony trainers and…


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BBC filming in Argentina


I am coming out with the BBC to film in Argentina on Friday and am keen to meet up with some great English speaking polo playing families who we may be able to film for our series about families and parenting.


If you are able to email me directly I would be more than grateful.


Kindest regards




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Just getting our feet wet

It's been a month now, working away under the Texas sun.  We've finally gotten all our paperwork in with Texas State to be part of their recreational clubs, hopefully moving to sports clubs by the end of the year.


I had no idea what we were getting into when the idea of a collegiate polo club was presented to me a few weeks back.  I have some equestrian experience, albeit limited, and our two other current members had none.  We threw ourselves in the saddles, grabbed some…


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How to hit a good near side (Spanish) Consejos para un buen revés

Una de las inquietudes más comunes de los nuevos jugadores de nuestra clínica es el tema del revés hacia adelante, el tiro más temido y el más débil. En primer lugar, por qué decimos que es el más débil? En realidad cuando se ejecuta correctamente, es un tiro potente, en general lo hacemos más débil porque cargamos toda la responsabilidad en el brazo. Pero si hacemos una buena rotación de hombros y cadera combinado con el paso del caballo concentraremos mayor potencia en el…


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Are you ready to get in the saddle??

Learn polo in Argentina and there's no messing around. If you can ride you'll be put straight on a pony, polo stick in hand. At Palo Alto Polo you will be under the watchful eyes of Leo and Georgie - who only reinforce the assumption that all Argentine polo players are both charming and handsome. A day at the ranch will take the form of stick and ball (hitting a ball around the polo field) in the morning, and if you're up to it, chukkas in the afternoon. Hitting the ball at…


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