I was a late inclusion into the tournament last weekend at the Melbourne Polo Club in Fynesford, west of Geelong. I’d never been there before and was looking forward to checking out the property.

(video: http://www.polocontacts.com/video/video/show?id=1576674%3AVideo%3A2...). Fyansford is an hour’s drive down the Geelong Freeway from Melbourne. We had a very tight tournament with a ½ goal win on Saturday and a 1 goal nailbiting loss in the dying minutes of extra time on Sunday. The final was a very tight scrappy contest with Sam Gairdner (5 goals UK) on our side and Greg Keyte (6 goals Aus) on the other side. It was like having Pelé and Maradona playing in a district football final - so plenty of chasing, not much hitting on my part.

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