Are you sure your groom or pro meets the correct legal requirements?

Are you sure your groom meets the correct legal requirements?

Following on from the Winter Newsletter sent out by the HPA detailing information regarding work permits for grooms, it should be made known that the HPA will be taking a strict view on players and grooms working without the correct legal requirements.

Under immigration rules, sponsors (employers) must obtain an HPA endorsement for each migrant polo player or groom they wish to employ. If no such endorsement has been given, membership of the HPA will not be granted and the player or groom will therefore be unable to play at any affiliated club or in any chukkas or game run by an affiliated club.

The Border Agency has laid down that only a person who holds a handicap of two-goals and above may be granted a work permit as a player. Those below two-goals can only come here in another capacity and, as such, are not allowed to earn money by playing polo. It means that they are only allowed to play in chukkas.

To read more about the rule in place, and the HPA's clarification and enforcement of it, please click here.

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Comment by mauricio sordelli on March 5, 2012 at 23:12

van a lograr quedarse sin petiseros y sin profesionales, y se van a aburrir jugando polo súper bajo. las medidas proteccionistas y paraarancelarias pueden servir para la economía (personalmente lo dudo) pero no creo que sirvan para mejorar el polo y divertirse más.



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