Interview to Rodrigo Maciel profesional polo player

Since picking up a polo mallet aged nine, Rodrigo Maciel, has come a long way.

Palo Alto Polo Club spoke to Rodrigo Maciel about the sport of Polo an his career as a professional polo player, not to mention Horse Dealer and horse trainner:  You must be extremely busy. Could you even begin to describe a typical day?

It would be very hard to describe a typical day, since I have lots of things to do, but mostly I spent time playing polo and with my horses.

I am always around polo and family. So if I’m not travelling, I have mate with my grooms, check their work at the barn and take a look at the horses and play some practise. 

When you travel with all the demands upon your time, do you get to be a tourist or is it mostly just work?

It is mostly at work. But I do make a point to see tourist sites because you never know when you’ll return. My schedule is so busy but it’s good to combine tourism with friends time because I travel so far.

The novelty of flying must have dissipated a long time ago. Do you have a top tip for staying entertained in the air? 

In today’s world, where we’re so connected all the time, flying can actually be a good thing – my phone doesn’t work. So I enjoy the downtime, to catch up on books, magazines or moves. Sometimes I just do nothing, but I try to use my flight time as smart as possible.

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