Women In Polo (WIP) is a recently formed charity aiming to promote opportunities in polo for females who want to play and/or work in the sport.  WIP has been started by two mums, Sarah Wood and Nikki Jacob, of polo playing daughters who have experienced first- hand how hard it is for girls to get decent opportunities in the sport without it costing a fortune.   

‘Georgie got her first taste of polo in the Pony Club’ says Sarah, ‘.... and was hooked.  However, even though the Pony Club system enables anyone to play up to the age of 21 on one pony,  properly competitive needs more than one pony, so the costs soar overnight’.

Nikki adds ‘Both my girls also started in Pony Club polo but it is dominated by boys from about aged 16 and up and this just reflects the general state of UK polo.  My eldest daughter Alex has done extremely well in mixed polo but if often told it’s because she “plays like a man” ’.

We both felt that opportunities in female and indeed mixed polo should not be dependent on playing like a man, and that females should be able to enjoy the sport at whatever level they would like to play.  

Fun and competition need not be mutually exclusive.  As the fastest growing section of polo we aim to capitalise on female polo and give those girls and women who want to be involved in it a boost to get to where they want to be.

Support WIP UK. Follow us on twitter @womeninpolo, visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/womeninpolo or check out our website www.womeninpolo.org.uk

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Comment by Joshua Abbott on August 31, 2012 at 19:06

I've just visited your website and I feel compelled to reply once again. From what I gather you want to create more oppertunityS for women in polo. Well, there is mixed polo in the UK and abroad, and many women play low goal at my local club. You're basically here moaning that female players can't find sponsers or patrons, so really you just want charity to compensate? And the rule about 1 male player per side? Bascially the same as having one adult per side in a childrens polo match, just in order to let the "kids have a go". Sorry but this is utter jokes!!

Comment by Joshua Abbott on August 31, 2012 at 18:57

I don't have a problem with women only Polo, but why the hell a charity? What are you expecting exactly? Someone to simply donate so you can buy a few strings of ponies for female only matches? And what do you mean playing "like a man". If women can't play with men then they should stick to low goal polo; it's pretty simple.. Again I don;t know why there is a chariy for this. Polo is male dominated sport so deal with it.



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